estoy a procurando um libro....Font Tullot

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estoy a procurando um libro....Font Tullot
« en: Miércoles 15 Noviembre 2006 10:56:42 am »
hi everyone,
sorry to spoil this chat with english, but you'd be horrified with my spanish, believe me...
I'm desperately trying to get hold of a copy of
Font Tullot's Historia del Clima de España (1988).
I've checked all the links and I've written to the INM and so far nothing...
Does anyone have any ideas? I've got a feeling it's out of print now...
The other question I was going to ask, is he has a second book,
Climatología de España y Portugal
I was wondering if this book has perhaps a chapter about climate history?
thanks for your time poeple,

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Re: estoy a procurando um libro....Font Tullot
« Respuesta #1 en: Miércoles 15 Noviembre 2006 12:57:12 pm »

I have checked several webs and I am afraid the book you are looking for is out of print now...

You can find it, however, at several libraries in Spain and probably abroad too. I used my university library search engine and these are the Catalan university libraries where you can find it:

AUTOR  Font Tullot, Inocencio
TÍTOL  Historia del clima en España : cambios climáticos y sus causas ; Inocencio Font Tullot
PUBLICACIÓ  Madrid : Instituto Nacional de Meteorología, 1988
DESCRIPCIÓ  XII, 297 p. : il. ; 24 cm
COL·LECCIÓ  Serie A (Instituto Nacional de Meteorología)
NOTA  Bibliografia. Índex
MATÈRIA  Espanya -- Clima -- Història
MATÈRIA  Paleoclimatologia
MATÈRIA  Meteorologia -- Espanya
ISBN  84-505-7178-2

I'm not sure if you can have it shipped to wherever you are, though. Check for more info.

Good luck with your research and welcome to Meteored!
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Re: estoy a procurando um libro....Font Tullot
« Respuesta #2 en: Jueves 16 Noviembre 2006 08:54:44 am »
thanks, i'll try that! :sonrisa: