Tormenta Tropical COLIN (03-L. Costa Este - Atlántico Norte)

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Tormenta Tropical COLIN (03-L. Costa Este - Atlántico Norte)
« en: Domingo 03 Julio 2022 09:39:04 am »
Nace Colin

Northwesterly shear of roughly 15-20 kt is expected to continue
affecting Colin during the next 36 hours or so, with that shear
increasing to 30 kt or more by 48 hours.  As a result, strengthening
is not anticipated, and Colin is expected to remain a sheared
tropical storm while it moves across coastal areas of the Carolinas,
with tropical-storm-force winds primarily limited to the southeast
of the center.  Colin is likely to dissipate over the western
Atlantic soon after 48 hours.

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Poco desarrollo tendrá

The current weakening trend is expected to continue due to
increasing northwesterly vertical wind shear and dry air
entrainment, and Colin is now forecast to degenerate to a remnant
low pressure area within the next 12 h.
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